Shooting Rules

Dover Clay Pigeon supports and promotes safe shooting for the enjoyment of all
and is affiliated to the CPSA, operating to the Associations safety guide.
We have CPSA qualified safety officer/s.

Clay Shooting Rules:

Section 11(6) of the Firearms Act.

Dover Clay Pigeon Club holds an exemption granted by the the Chief Constable of Kent under section 11(6) of the Firearms Act 1968.
This allows non-certificate holders to use a shotgun on Club ground for shooting at artificial targets.
The exemption from the certification applies only to shotguns falling under Section 2 of the Firearms Act 1968 (as amended).
Any person under the age of 15 using a shotgun must be supervised by a person over the age of 21.
Prohibited persons as defined by Section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968 (if known) must not be permitted to be in possession of guns or ammunition.
The owners of any shotguns used on the approved site (DCPC) are reminded that the security of those guns remains solely their responsibility.

Club Rules

  1. Fibre wad cartridges only. Plastic wads are strictly forbidden on Club grounds.
  2. All are requested to report to the Club house on arrival.
  3. The Club has the right to refuse entry to any member or persons liable to cause or causing a danger to others.
  4. Non shotgun certificate holders must be supervised by an authorised person, ie experienced shotgun certificate holder, who assumes all responsibility for the non certificate holder.
  5. Shotguns must NEVER be pointed at anyone or anything other than a clay target.
  6. Shotguns, whilst being carried, must always be unloaded and ‘broken’, or be unloaded and fitted with a breach flag.
  7. Ear and eye protection should be worn whilst shooting is in progress.
  8. The consumption of alcohol on the Clubs grounds is NOT permitted.
  9. All shooting must stop immediately if the safety whistle is sounded or if instructed to do so by a Club official or in an emergency by any member.
  10. If all shooting is stopped it may only resume when the whistle is sounded twice, normally by the person who stopped the shoot or a Club field captain or other officer of the Club.
  11. Membership of the Club does not inter the right to shoot clay pigeons on the Clubs grounds other than on Club organised events.

Air Gun Shooting Rules:

  1. Members must hold personal shooting insurance eg. BASC and must be shown if requested to do so by any member of the Club Management Committee.
  2. When shooting, it is the individual members responsibility to comply with the law and shoot safely. The Club will not be held responsible for any damage or injury caused, sole responsibility lies with the member.
  3. Only non FAC sub 12ft/lbs air gun must be used on Club grounds.
  4. The Club has the right to refuse entry to any member or persons liable to cause or causing a danger to others.
  5. Target shooting only, no live quarry shooting.
  6. Innate targets only, no exploding targets to be used, without prior consent of a Club Officer.
  7. No driving or parking on the Club grounds, except within the car park area and not beyond the Club house, without prior consent of a Club Officer.
  8. No shooting before 9am.
  9. No shooting in the hours of darkness.
  10. No shooting when other Club activities/events are taking place.
  11. Any targets and rubbish to removed from the Club grounds after use and the Club facilities locked.
  12. Please to not shoot from the area around the steel shipping containers as it constantly causes alarm notifications to be sent out by the CCTV system in operation.

Safe shooting is no accident and the responsibility of all.

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